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Congratulations on your decision on purchasing a puppy from GLAMOROUS PUPPIES!

I, the buyer, enter into this agreement with full knowledge that I assume full responsibility for the life, health and well being of this puppy. I, the buyer, have 48 take this puppy to a veterinarian and return if it has a birth defect or anything life threatening. Seller is not responsible for the vet bill. Any neglectful conduct, such as abuse, broken bones or injury to the puppy beyond our home will void this contract. Seller is also not responsible and will not guarantee against hypoglycemia. Seller also has the right to take to a vet of our choosing. If buyer chooses not to take to a vet within the 48 hrs it also nulls and voids this contract and buyer assumes full responsibility for puppy. If puppy is returned to seller at any time it is to be returned with AKC/ CKC papers and medical records. Toy breeds are purchased with the understanding they need extra attention and care to thrive and not get hypoglycemia or dehydration.

1. Seller is delivering/shipping puppy to purchaser in normal healthy condition with health exam and health certificate to verify health.

2. Puppy must be taken to a licensed vet within 48 hrs of receipt of puppy and call seller if there is a congenital life threatening, non-treatable condition only. A letter must come from licensed vet to seller stating diagnosis. Again, seller is not responsible for hypoglycemia.

3. Under no circumstances will there be a cash refund. If section 2 has been met and an exchange is necessary seller will select replacement puppy of either sex, from same litter if available or from another litter, at sellers choice. If living, the original puppy must be returned to seller at purchaser’s expense. Purchaser is also responsible for any shipping fees for replacement puppy. Original puppy will be returned prior to replacement puppy being delivered. Original puppy must be returned with all paper work including AKC/CKC papers and medical records.

4. Under no circumstances will seller be responsible for any veterinary or other expenses for any reason whatsoever after purchase of puppy.

5. Depending on age at least 1 shot has been given. Keep your puppy inside. No puppy is safe until at least 16 weeks old and all shots have been given in our opinion. Consult your vet for his\her vaccination schedule. Puppy has been wormed prior to sale but with changes in environment seller does not guarantee puppy will be free of parasites\bacteria. Follow your vet’s advice for a worming and flea schedule. Puppy becomes sole responsibility of the buyer. GIVE YOUR PUPPY FRESH FOOD AND WATER DAILY. Make sure your puppy is eating and drinking; keep BIOMAX B12 or Nutri Cal on hand. If puppy shows any signs of hypoglycemia give puppy a small fingernail size and take to vet immediately.

6. Our deposits are $200.00 and are non-refundable. Full payment must be received before puppy is transferred to purchaser. If payment is made by check puppy will be held until the check clears our bank.

7. We DO NOT guarantee color, size, weight, coat quality, temperament, ability to win show, housebreak, ears standing, or reproduce.

8. Upon payment of full purchase price and all shipping fees, seller agrees to release puppy to purchaser. Seller will provide registration papers within 30 days of sale date. Also, this document has been signed and received back to seller before release of puppy. WEATHER PERMITTING ON THE SHIPPING!!!!! You cannot change puppies once deposit has been made. Puppies cannot ship until they are at least 9-10 weeks of age. Tiny ones at least 12-13 weeks of age or at least 2 lbs. All shipping arrangements are decided by seller and made at seller’s discretion. Local shipping 9-10 weeks of age. International shipping 12-13 weeks of age.

9. Cost of shipping is $300.00

10. Breeder neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees other than those in this agreement. This agreement is between breeder and seller with
respect to this sale. Buyer signs below to indicate he/she has read, agrees to and understands all conditions of sale. If any legal action is taken against Glamorous Puppies, it must be taken in the jurisdiction of Duval County in the state of Florida.

11. Please contact us to ensure the puppy you want is still for sale. We want our puppies to have healthy, happy, loving homes. Feel free to call us anytime

12. Microchip optional


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